Added to 13 – 14 May

13 May
1965 – President Johnson in a nationally televised address, accuses Communist China of opposing a political solution that could be in the best interests of North Vietnam, because China’s goal is to dominate ‘all of Asia.’
1965 – The US begins a five day suspension of air raids on North Vietnam, claiming, at first, operational reasons, but it is soon clear that the US hopes to give North Vietnam a chance to call for peace negotiations. North Vietnam and China will charge that the United States did not, in fact, stop the raids.

14 May
1964 – Amid charges that US pilots in Vietnam are endangered and losing their lives due to obsolescent planes, it is announced that 60 USN dive bombers are being sent to Vietnam and that 40 revamped B-26s are being ready for Vietnam.
1964 – Defense Secretary McNamara resents a plan to President Johnson calling for increased aid to South Vietnam.
1972 – A force of 4,000 soldiers of South Vietnam’s 1st Division move to within a half mile of Fire Base Bastogne.
1972 – For the first time in the war, US Marines make use of Bienhoa field. MAG-12 moves in with two A-4 Skyhawk squadrons. The Marine planes offer support to Military Regions I and IV and make some sorties into Cambodia.
1975 – Rescue operations begin as US Marines attack Tang Island and bomb Ream Air Base in the first use of US troops on foreign soil under the War Powers Act. Thirty-eight Marines are killed in the operation, with 50 wounded and three missing. All 40 members of the crew of the Mayaguez are released unharmed the same day.


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