Added to 2 April

1967 – Per a new South Veitnamese conswtitution elections are held in 948 villages, som 5 million people, for local People’s Councils.

1976 – US officials express concerns that the North Vietmese may be brainwashing US prisoners of war in order to elicit propaganda statements from them.

1968 – Public criticism of continuing heavy air strikes in North Vietnam prompts the administration to explain that such attacks are limited north of the 20th parallel.  This area contians 90 percent of the population and 75% of it’s territory.

1969 – A SOuth Vietnamese spokesperson announes that the Vetcong have assassinated 201 civilins in teh last week of March, bringing the total for the quarter of 1969 to 1,955.

1973 – Presidents Nixon and Thieu end a two day visti with a an expression of “full consensus” and a US promise of continuing economic aid.  Thieu says he wil never ask ht e US to send troops back to Vetnam.


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